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Scholars at Risk kicks off the 2015 Forum on Education Abroad

SAR Exec. Dir., Rob Quinn 
New Orleans, March 25, 2015 -- Scholars at Risk joined university and study abroad professionals from around the world at the Forum on Education Abroad's 11th annual conference. Rob Quinn, SAR's Executive Director delivered the opening plenary, "We Leave our Guns at the Door: The Essential Role of Higher Education."  In the speech, Rob discussed the university's role in asking questions, often provoking the kinds of violent and coercive attacks on scholars that Scholars at Risk works to prevent. A copy of Rob's speech can be viewed by clicking here and more information about the annual conference can be found on the Forum on Education Abroad's website.

SAR calls for letters on behalf of imprisoned Iranian scholar in need of medical attention

Mr. Hamid Babaei 
New York, March 12, 2015 -- Scholars at Risk is gravely concerned over reports that Mr. Hamid Babaei, a doctoral student of finance who is currently imprisoned in Iran, is suffering ill health and has not received proper medical attention.

Mr. Babaei was arrested in August 2013 after attempting to return to Belgium from a summer visit to Iran, and on December 21, 2013, he was sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly acting against national security by communicating with a hostile government, a charge which reportedly is based solely on Mr. Babaei’s scholarship funding from the University of Liege.

SAR calls for letters, emails, and faxes respectfully urging authorities to reconsider any convictions related to this scholar's academic activities and to ensure Mr. Babaei’s well-being and access to medical attention while in custody, in accordance with international human rights standards. Learn more about Hamid Babaei and write on his behalf today

Carleton University and University of Ottawa launch a new SAR program

Ottawa, March 4, 2015 -- Two new SAR members, Carleton University and University of Ottawa, came together on March 4, 2015 for "Je Suis Scholar," a full day launch of a joint SAR program. The event was attended by members of both campus communities and culminated in a panel discussion featuring SAR scholars, Farai Gonzo and Baktybek Beshimov. Visit the Canada Section page to learn more about the event and SAR's Canadian Members.

What are you #free2think about?

Every day, academics, artists, journalists and other brave individuals face persecution because of their ideas. Despite these risks, they continue to write, publish and speak
out. The right to be free to think is one we take for granted all too often. Join us! Send a message of support to all those brave individuals who are continuing to think, question and share ideas freely. Write down what you are grateful to be free to think about, and snap a picture. Post it on Twitter or Facebook or other sites using the hashtag #free2think, demonstrating solidarity with those who continue to speak out. 

UNIVERSITY VALUES Bulletin: Call for submissions!

University Values header

The Scholars at Risk Network invites submissions to University Values: a global bulletin and blog on academic freedom, and the first of its kind around the world. Previous editions of the bulletin can be viewed at: 

University Values is an electronic bulletin and blog featuring articles, essays, opinion pieces and announcements promoting discussion and understanding of university values, including values of access, accountability, academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility. The impetus for a global e-bulletin covering these issues grew out of a series of workshops that the Scholars at Risk (SAR) network has facilitated around the world over the past several years. Time and again, workshop participants expressed the need for a greater sharing of information across national boundaries about urgent conditions as well as best practices to help strengthen respect for university values everywhere. With your help, the global bulletin will continue to work to address this significant need.

Submission Requirements
Length: We invite short articles of 500-700 words maximum. Longer articles will not be considered for publication in the bulletin.Topic: We invite submissions on an academic freedom related issue of your choice. The article/blog post could, alternatively, contain news on important events, situations emerging in your region or specific countries or urgent appeals for scholars or universities in distress.
Deadline: Articles/blogs are accepted on a rolling basis.
Contact: Submit articles by email to Please enter “University Values Submission” in the subject line of your email. It is our belief that a greater sharing of information about academic freedom and higher education values will help foster a greater understanding of the challenges we all face and will enhance global efforts to address these challenges. We hope you will help us make the bulletin a success. We look forward to your submissions.

SAR News Headlines SAR Events

04/03/2015, Gunmen storm Garissa University in Kenya On April 2, 2015, five gunmen stormed the campus of Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya, entering dormitories, taking and killing scores of student hostages and others. The militant group Al Shabaab took responsibility for the attack.
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03/20/2015, SAR advocates for Iranian prisoners-of-conscience Over the past week, SAR staff members sent spring greetings to scholars, students and activists imprisoned in Iran as part of Amnesty International's Nowruz Action campaign. The campaign, which coincided with the Persian New Year, called attention to...
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03/14/2015, NYU Professor barred from travel to the UAE Dr. Andrew Ross, a professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University, was prevented from traveling to the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Ross, who studies labor issues and who has been publicly critical of labor practices in the U.A.E., was...
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05/05/2015, Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA) International Relations Officer Meeting SAR Program Assistant Margaret Coons will present on ethics in international partnerships at this annual meeting. If you will be attending the meeting or are based in Vilnius, please let us know; write...
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04/21/2015, RWU Academic Honors Showcase SAR Ex. Dir. Robert Quinn will give the keynote opening the honors program at SAR-member institutions Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, USA.
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03/25/2015, Forum on Education Abroad SAR Ex. Dir. Robert Quinn gave the plenary keynote opening the 11th annual conference of the Forum on Education Abroad.
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